Dylan Bounce - Background - New Project
Dylan Bounce - Background - New Project
Dylan Bounce at 7 years old


Guilherme da Cruz Brigadeiro, known as Dylan Bounce is a singer, composer, music producer, model, publicist, actor and businessman. He was born in Brazil, in São Paulo, in the capital, at the Metropolitano Hospital on Friday at 1:05 pm in the afternoon.

Son of Patricia Cruz and Carlos Brigadeiro, it was not possible to imagine that at 23 years of age, he would be the most verified artist in the world on 33 social networks and platforms, and that in addition, he would own two brands and a company becoming an artist and entrepreneur.

At the age of 12 in 2010, he started composing his first songs, during his 14 years of age he participated in some photo shoots as a model, at the age of 16 he produced his first musical album and at the age of 20 he became a entrepreneur taking care of brands, companies, artists and influencers.

Being a success on the Giphy platform, Dylan reached 30 million views on his gifs, videos and stickers channel in less than a year.

Dylan Bounce - Background - New Project


It was in 2010 that Dylan started his first compositions about his feelings, with the desire to become a musician and with his artistic blood, he followed this path until 2013, when he joined the distribution platform DistroKid - independently - he released some music while at the same time attending elementary school.

In year of 2014, he joined his music on the old MTV Artists platform, where he was received with messages of welcome by MTV itself - being so - making available some of his old tracks. At this time of 2014, Dylan used his name as Finn Swift, in honor of Taylor Swift and the character Finn Hudson of actor Cory Monteith of the Glee series - the initial stage name stayed for a short time. 


During this period, he spent two years releasing his music with DistroKid, until in 2015 he decided to end with the platform and started releasing his next projects at ONErpm - also independently but with assistance in certain areas and parts of his career as in social media - it lasted for 1 year and two months.

Dylan Bounce - Background - New Project

The love of music in Dylan's life only grew along with his totally artistic side.

Dylan Bounce - Background - New Project


After releasing the tracks "Dying in the Dark" and "Dangerous Attraction" in 2015, they were submitted to The GRAMMY Amplifier in 2016, a special edition of GRAMMY in partnership with HYUNDAI - with the submitted songs by Dylan - they were on open voting during the entire period.

Being only a nomination for voting on the requirements, the award went to another artist - but the program was worth the initial experience for Dylan Bounce.

GRAMMY is the biggest music award in the music industry and the most important for musicians.

Dylan Bounce - Background - New Project

After the experience of submitting his songs to The GRAMMY Amplifier, Dylan ended up being verified on his official Facebook account after this highlight, then on his official Instagram profile - both in 2016.

With this highlight, Dylan left the catalog of artists of ONErpm in 2017, associating with The Orchard Music, record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment, he also signed with Alumia Produções in Brazil, being responsible for the release of his future songs and videos musicals at Vevo.

Therefore, it continues from 2017 until the moment 2021, with The Orchard Music.

Dylan Bounce
Dylan Bounce - Background - New Project



Dylan's last musical project was released on August 8, 2018, it was a musical album with 20 songs, while having his old stage name, in the following year 2019, he strategically decided to change his stage name by publicly announcing this change via social networks.

The change was made to the way he identified himself, the visual taste and his way in a commercial, artistic and strategic way, with this change, by his decision, he removed all of his previous 2019 songs from all stores and platforms , with plans and musical projects for the near future.

With this pause in music after these changes, he started to invest in his entrepreneurial side as a businessman, eventually acquiring two brands and a company.

Dylan Bounce - Background - New Project
Dylan Bounce - Background - New Project


In 2019, after the change, Dylan announced his new artistic management label, BNCE Entertainment, his brand responsible for all of his artistic projects, ensuring that he has full control of his upcoming musical albums, artistic projects and control of his career in an expansive.

After a year with BNCE Entertainment, in 2020, BNCE Entertainment started to have a division with BNCE Gaming, another brand of Dylan, only responsible for the entertainment in the area of games and streams on live platforms.

Increasingly becoming an entrepreneur with several businesses, he is even highlighted as a multitasking artist.

Dylan Bounce
Dylan Bounce - Background - New Project

In 2020, Dylan was voted the most verified artist in the world with the coveted blue checkmark on 29 social networks. In 2021, he broke his own record having 33 verified platforms.

Dylan Bounce - Background - New Project

It was early on January 17, 2021 that Dylan Bounce announced he was Epic Games' newest ambassador, partner and content creator.

The announcement was made officially on his official Facebook page, where he announced in Portuguese his news, since Dylan loves to play several games, his favorite games are: League of Legends, Paladins and Phasmophobia.

In addition, he is content creator for Epic Games games like Fortnite, Rocket League.

As an official creator, he is also on the list of Spellbreak, another game available from Epic Games, where Dylan creates gameplay.

Dylan Bounce, Ambassador at Epic Games (


Dylan Bounce - Background - New Project
Black Lives Matter: 15 messages
Black Lives Matter: The Stickers

After deciding to create visual content, it was on May 22, 2020, that Dylan decided to create creative content on the Giphy platform, a Facebook platform network that creates stickers, gifs and video clips, there he reached 30 million views in less than 1 year with 190 creations.

92 Gifs, gave him 18.6 million views and 98 Stickers, gave 11.2 million. One of his successful visual projects, which was even highlighted by Giphy, was the project "Black Lives Matter: 15 messages" in support of George Floyd and "Black Lives Matter": The Stickers".

The projects were featured on the platform, both of which were used to support the "Justice to George Floyd" petition.

His most viewed Sticker is "I'm Dylan, Dylan Bounce, The King of Verified", where he has 3.5 million views. And his Gif with the most views is the one he uses his "bored look".

Dylan Bounce - Background - New Project

In January 2021, Dylan decided to innovate in new projects, after having founded the brands BNCE Entertainment and BNCE Gaming, he decided to join the entrepreneur and partner Davi Keplmair, who is also Dylan's best friend, thus founded the company Brainflu.

Brainflu is an advertising, marketing, management and advisory agency, owning BNCE's brands, in addition to now managing all of Dylan's projects.

Dylan Bounce - Background - New Project

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