welcome at my new album


coming in soon


new single

"not be fake with your friends"

out now

Dylan Bounce - (Album).png


Dylan Bounce - not be fake with your friends (Cover).png

about "23" album

i wanted to say that i am happy to be able to present this new project to you. it's something different. this new visual project will be divided into three audiovisual parts - the album "23" is the first of the other two parts, being a fully audio instrumental album - the other two parts are coming soon.

this first album "23" will have tracks with titles and passages about my experience with ex-girlfriends and friendships, good and negative experiences - why in the end - what matters is the uplifting experience.

finally, "23" will be included in the next two steps, in the two continuation projects of this one - i love you guys and thank you for your love.

i see you every day, every night.

thank you!


thank you, i love you!